Client Reviews

Cindy guided me through

Cindy guided me through the home buying process taking a very thorough approach. We started from the beginning applying for the loan while all the time she stated no need to rush. She explained that there will be no doubt when you do find the best home for your needs which I did find thanks to Cindy. And a year later she is still assisting me with the maintenance questions regarding my home that I love.

Nancy Skrodzki

I am so thankful

A good friend of mine recommended Cindy Monk to help me when my mother passed away suddenly. Mother owned two rental properties and a home that my brother lived there also. Cindy did not stop working everyday until she sold all three properties and helped me buy a home for my brother. The personal attention she gave to my special situation was very helpful and reassuring. I am so thankful for all of Cindy’s help, guidance and knowledge that helped my brother and I through a difficult time.

Susan Hofer, RN-BC